Participation of the Starshade Exoplanet Data Challenge

Contact Person: Maria Jaquez, Subcontract Manager

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 818-354-2839



The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) invites your organization to submit a written proposal in conformance with the instructions contained in this letter and its enclosures, which comprise the RFP for JPL’s acquisition of the subject effort in support of a data challenge of exoplanet imaging and spectroscopy using a starshade in formation flight with a space telescope. The intent is to develop image-processing algorithms to detect planets and extract their spectra from synthetic images to validate the flow down of requirements from science to key instrument performance parameters and to quantify the required accuracy of noisy background calibration.

The attached RFP provides further information on proposal preparation and submission instructions, description of the selection process, and reporting requirements. The broad topics of this RFP are image processing algorithms needed for planet detection and background calibration based on synthetic images of starshade-enabled exoplanet observations, and research and analyses to determine the detection limit of planets vis-à-vis instrument parameters.