Acquisition Forecast

JPL's goal is to provide companies with a projection of our major subcontract opportunities based on the best information presently available. This information is provided for planning purposes. Keep in mind, these requirements may be revised or cancelled, depending on funding or Lab needs.

JPL Acquisition Forecast: April 2023

Current Request for Information or Proposals (RFI/RFP)

UPDATE: IT Infrastructure Support and Services (ITISS) Recompete

JPL anticipates releasing the JPL Information Technology Infrastructure Services and Solutions (ITISS) RFP No. GC-2661-101722 in June – July 2023. A Bidders Conference to better understand JPL’s ITISS RFP requirements and answer any questions about the ITISS RFP package will be held 2-3 weeks after release of the RFP:


RFI/RFP Number


Due Date

Contact Person

JPL Mission Assurance Support Services (MASS) RFI RFI_TMS_2663_02172023 March 3, 2023 March 31, 2023 Small Business Program Office
Applying NASA Capabilities to Address Water Management Needs in the Rio Grande Basin Water Resource Management GEC-2680-02012023 May 08, 2023 June 30,2023 Small Business Program Office
IT Infrastructure Services and Solutions (ITISS) GC-2661-101722 July 19, 2023 October 25, 2023 Gloria Cerda

RFI Forecast

JPL's goal is to provide requests for information, sources sought, and notices of opportunities for Small Business concerns to plan ahead for JPL requirements and needs.

JPL RFI Forecast: No active RFIs as of April 2023

RFP/RFI Mailing Label

Pre-Printed yellow-colored mailing label for RFP or RFI submissions to JPL.

Upcoming Project Requirements

Please contact The Small Business Programs Office for additional information.
Please put the Requirement Title in the subject line of the email.