About Us

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Acquisition organization is responsible for the procurement of goods and services in support of the Laboratory's tasks, projects, programs, and institutional needs. We're accountable for all procurement functions: planning, source solicitation, evaluation and selection, administration, closeout, and managing supplier performance.

JPL Commitment to Small Business Suppliers

Larry James

The small business community plays a critical role in JPL’s supply chain. Typically, the Laboratory awards over $325 million dollars in subcontracts to small businesses each year. In our ongoing support of contracting opportunities with small businesses, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), and Minority Serving Institutions (MSI), the Laboratory will look for occasions to promote set-asides for these organizations as well as other socioeconomic subcategories.

We at JPL take great pride in achieving mission success and in the strength of our collective team. Small businesses are integral to that success. Our Small Business Programs Office (SBPO), leads our efforts in small business contracting opportunities at JPL. Please reach out to them at smallbusiness.programsoffice@jpl.nasa.gov for assistance.

Larry James
Laboratory Deputy Director


High-Tech Conference hosted by JPL and the City of Pasadena on September 6, 2023, at the Pasadena Convention Center Ballroom. Event start time: 8:30 AM to 5 PM. (In person)

What We Procure

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a unique national research facility that carries out robotic space and Earth science missions, and operates NASA's Deep Space Network. On many of our projects, programs and missions, we partner with private industry, universities, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.


Recognizing what JPL procures will help companies match capabilities to our needs, which include:

  • Spacecraft;
  • Spacecraft subsystems and assemblies;
  • Spacecraft instruments and science investigations;
  • R&D studies;
  • R&D hardware;
  • Technology and application programs;
  • Computer hardware, software, and services;
  • Construction, and architect and engineering services;
  • Facilities and grounds maintenance;
  • Staff augmentation; and,
  • Commercial items and services of all types.

Review our commonly purchased goods and services.

Thomas H. May Legacy of Excellence Award

Thomas H. May
This JPL small business award is designed to recognize excellence in subcontract performance on a JPL-issued subcontract.

The Thomas H. May Legacy of Excellence Award is a center-level award presented annually. The award was established in memory of Mr. May, a former manager of JPL's Small Business Program Office, to honor his lifelong dedication to small business utilization.

Recipients include:

2022: Motiv Space Systems
2021: Bay Systems Consulting
2020: Tendeg LLC
2019: Sierra Lobo
2018: Safari Micro Government Solutions
2017: Millennium Engineering & Integration Company
2016: MORI Associates
2015: TerraSond Limited
2014: Dynamic Systems
2013: JTC Architects
2012: Honeybee Robotics Space Mechanisms
2011: The Terraza Design Group
2010: ATA Engineering
2009: Columbus Technologies & Services
2008: Santa Barbara Applied Research

Business Gifts & Gratuities

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has strict rules that govern and prohibit the acceptance of business gifts and gratuities from suppliers. These rules help avoid misunderstandings or perceptions of favoritism with JPL's supplier base. These rules are in place on a year-round basis and are rigorously enforced. JPL's Shipping, Receiving, and Mail Services departments restrict the receipt and handling of non-essential items. Therefore, gifts and gratuities or business courtesies (e.g. gift baskets, alcohol, food, promotional or personal items and gift cards) will be declined.

JPL has a program to enable employees, suppliers and customers to ask questions concerning our standards of conduct, or to report any possible improper activity. If you are aware of any such activity, or need clarification of our policies, please contact Kevin Caporicci, Manager of the Acquisition Planning and Compliance Section, at (818) 354-2330 or by email at Kevin.M.Caporicci@jpl.nasa.gov.

The JPL Ethics Office may be contacted directly at (818) 354-9999, or by email at ethics-office@jpl.nasa.gov. All contact is held in the strictest confidence, and submitters need not identify themselves. For more information about our program and to download our Ethical Guidelines for JPL Subcontractors brochure, please visit the JPL Ethics Program website at https://ethics.jpl.nasa.gov.

JPL believes in maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and we appreciate you supporting our effort to continue to do so.

Guidelines for Vendors on News Releases and Other Marketing

What can and can't you say about your business relationship with JPL? Here are 5 tips.

  1. Get it approved. Vendor news releases and other promotional materials (blogs, videos, commercials etc.) must be reviewed and approved by JPL. Send draft content with at least a week's lead time to instcomm@jpl.nasa.gov.
  2. Yes, you can shout it from the rooftops. Vendors are free to state that JPL is one of their customers, and to describe factually the services and products they provide. Identify JPL on first reference as "NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory."
  3. No, you can't speak for JPL. As a research and development center funded by the nation's taxpayers, JPL must always avoid the appearance of favoritism toward any private entity. JPL employees are not permitted to provide quotes for vendor news releases. Vendors may not attribute any statements or opinions to JPL (i.e. "JPL was thrilled with the performance of our ACME widget.")
  4. No logos or photo shoots. Vendor promotional materials may not include the logos of JPL, NASA or Caltech, and may not include images taken on Lab. Publicly available images may be used, subject to the JPL Image Use Policy.
  5. No partnerships. JPL does not issue joint releases with vendors, and the word "partnership," which has a specific legal meaning for JPL, may not be used.